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Ocarina House is formed by a group of enthusiastic youths and adults who share a mutual passion for music. This platform was conceived in hopes of providing every music lover an opportunity to discover the joy of music-making through the Ocarina. This delicate instrument has a long and profound history. Despite so, it is not difficult to learn at all! 


The Ocarina is handy and relatively easy for everyone; no music background required. The lesson plans are detailed and structured for easy-learning. On top of that, members frequently assemble self-practices and organise gathering events to cultivate bonding relationship with one another.


Tan Wan Lin, founder of Ocarina House has conducted extensive workshops since the group was founded in 2014. She believes that through Ocarina, it will bring family and friends closer together for it is a fun and easy instrument to learn.


Other than being a great bonding opportunity to build stronger, trusting ties through music learning, the ocarina also allows anyone (between age 3 – 80 years old) to learn, even with no musical background.


Wan Lin has conducted not only workshops organised by the Central Singapore CDC, she has also led classes to successful performances at various festive occasions since 2014.


Under her guidance, Ocarina House has performed in various events such as River Hongbao 2015, 2016 & 2017, Esplanade, Prime Minister’s Chinese New Year Garden Party 2017, and many celebratory events.

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