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Our Ocarinas

Handy, relatively easy to learn and requiring no prior music background, our ocarinas come in different shapes and sizes for everyone! 

All our ocarinas come from the same manufacturer, Feng Ya Ocarina, and they are the same ones used in our performances. Carefully crafted, each with beautiful designs, these ocarinas are pleasing to both the eyes and the ears.


Which Ocarina Should I Choose?

Whichever suits your needs! We have various ocarinas to choose from, each with different characteristics. 

These characteristics are:

  • 6 Holes

    • Range: 1 Octave + 2 notes (10 notes)

    • Comes with a string for increased portability

  • 12 Holes

    • Range: 1 Octave + 5 notes (13 notes)

Which comes in various different keys like:

  • Middle Pitch

    • ​Alto C (AC)

    • Alto F (AF)

    • Alto G (AG)

  • Higher Pitch

    • Soprano F (SF)

    • Soprano G (SG)

6af niao yu hua xiang (1).JPG
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