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People Associations

We have a strong partnership with PA, allowing us to perform with PAYCO (People Association Youth Chinese Orchestra. We also held many events and performances, like hotspots and Chingay, engaging the youth and the community.  

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Kolam Ayer CC PAssionARTs

August 02, 2019

We are so proud of Kolam Ayer CC residents for their performance for the PAssionARTS festival! 🎉They went through a 4 lesson course with Brian leading the class and embarked on their first ever showcase together! 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻We even got our MP, Dr Yaacob Ibrahim to play along with us! 

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HeartBeat @ Bedok

September 13, 2019

Heartbeat@Bedok for the Merdeka Generation roadshow led by our dearest Uncle Raymond!! We are elated to have friends from our CDAC@bedok seniors join us on stage as well & It's their first time. We love how enthusiastic they are!!!

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Performed during Our Tampines Hub Grand Opening

August 06, 2017

Wan Lin of Ocarina House performed an Ocarina solo with accompaniment from People's Association Youth Chinese Orchestra for the Grand Opening of Our Tampines Hub.

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Fengshan Mid-Autumn Performance

September 22, 2017

23 & 30 Sep 2017

We celebrated Mid Autumn with the residents of Fengshan! Performers of the event are members of the Ocarina Interest Group at Fengshan Community Club.

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Prime Minister Community Visit at Fengshan

January 21, 2017

Members of the Fengshan CC Ocarina Club performed during the Youth Energy event. Prime Minister Lee was there to grace the event. ​

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Performance at the Chingay Celebrations Street Party

February 24, 2017

25 & 26 Feb 2017 | Fengshan & Radin Mas

We were invited to perform for the Chingay Celebrations Street Party

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PAssion Arts Hotspot Programme at Lot One Shopper's Mall

May 25, 2016

Be charmed by the enthusiasm of this group of youths and adults who play the ocarina. an ancient wind instrument.

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Ocarina Performance Accompanied by PAYCO

May 28, 2016

Wan Lin performed solo with Mr Ng Seng Hong on the erhu during People's Association Youth Chinese Orchestra's Fantasy Garden 2016 concert.

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Changi Simei Sring Fiesta 2015

February 27, 2015

Changi Simei Spring Fiesta 2015, a hotspot event at Simei MRT.

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PAssion Arts Hotspot Performance at Simei MRT

April 25, 2015

​Ocarina House Conducted a 1-month Ocarina workshop at Changi Simei Community Centre and the participants showcased their Ocarina playing skills during the PAssion Arts Hotspot Performance at Simei MRT.

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