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adjective: bright blue like a cloudless sky.


Soar into the azure sky with the beautiful sound of the ocarina. When you're standing on the top of the world, the sky is the limit.


Take on a journey of soothing melodies that will melt right into your heart, and into your soul, just as the azure butterflies gently rest upon the delicates petals of life.


Every change of breath is like a breath of new life in the music.

Every articulation, reminds us of the ever-changing world,

but never forgetting the limitless possibilities.


For the azure sky is the limit. 



1. Butterfly

Gezheng: Indra Chen

2. Laputa - Castle in the Sky

3. Azure

4. Missing You 《天天想你》

Piano: Lu Heng

Drums: Shaun Soh

Guitar: Wong Shern Way (Wayne)


Tan Wan Lin on the Ocarina.

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